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Welcome to Rollerbasket USA... Making Life Easier with Shop & Roll™.


Do you want your customers to spend more money, buy more items and shop longer in your stores? If the answer is yes, then put us to the test and let Shop & Roll™ carry the weight for your shoppers! Shop & Roll™ is the most exciting and innovative product in the US to recently hit the grocery and retail industry. It is the #1 selling shopping basket in Europe.


Have you ever been shopping with a hand held basket and simply not purchased an item because it was too heavy or too awkward to carry in the basket? Or have you seen customers place their hand held basket on the floor while waiting at the checkout because they just couldn’t carry it any longer? If you would like to make shopping easier for your customers by allowing them to pick up the last minute items with ease and are interested in boosting your basket sales we’d like to introduce you to the original Shop & Roll™.


New Recycled Basket!

Industry Buzz

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